“We take imaginative and creative ethnography as points of departure – an invitation to live differently, to animate spaces, classrooms, and stages, to listen carefully to the lives of others, to use humour and imagination to write, picture, and perform the world alive.” — Centre for Imaginative Ethnography

The journey began with individual researchers trying to dedicate their skills to engage with overlooked narratives of seniors. The Folklore Archives emerged as we observed recurring threads that challenged us to not only document the stories and materials that the seniors provided, but also to establish a supporting structure for the seniors to share their stories, to provide the tools to facilitate deeper engagement between communities, and to model a customized approach towards relating to seniors.

Through our work, we hope to provide an awareness and deeper understanding of different life histories and personhoods so as to offer alternative propositions on ways of living and aging in Singapore. At the Folklore Archives, we partner with seniors to create immersive learning sessions for younger generations. This include our:

  • Senior Guided sessions
  • Intergenerational Workshops with schools and youth groups
  • Family Archive Projects (private commissioned projects for seniors and their loved ones)